Whose case is it: Brenda Leigh Johnson's or Sharon Raydor's?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 17, 2022, 10:36AM
Being the head of the Major Crimes division of the Los Angeles Police Department is no easy burden to bear. We’ve watched both Brenda Leigh Johnson and Sharon Raydor endure and overcome heart pounding cases throughout both their series. While their ideas of justice may often differ from one another, they both still manage to get the job done. 

But how well do you know the many cases of heads of Major Crimes? Take this quiz below to find out!
  1. When a peaceful ceremony turns deadly, Major Crimes and the FBI team up to track down a dangerous sniper.
  2. Detective Sanchez is put under the microscope when his mother's caregiver is murdered and it’s up to Major Crimes to help clear his name.
  3. A husband is suspected of foul play but the team can't find the evidence to prove it when the bodies of a mother and daughter are found and deemed a murder-suicide.
  4. Four wealthy one-percenters are left for dead outside a hospital emergency room in a twisty murder case that leads through an impossible list of suspects.
  5. Four family members are killed in their home - innocent victims in an attempted execution of a trial witness, all because the killer went to the wrong address.
  6. An 8-year-old boy dies and his distraught friend blames himself for his death. As the grieving mother casts blame on the doctors, the detectives look into her as the responsible party.
  7. A grocery store shootout ends with a surrendered gunman who is executed shortly after being put in police custody.
  8. The squad scrambles to get a confession when the pregnant wife of a big-time film director is found murdered.
  9. Detective Sanchez loses it after his little brother is murdered and the whole neighborhood seems intent to keep the drive-by shooter a secret.
  10. After a bad batch of drugs claims the lives of two brothers in high school, the race is on to find the dealer.
Whose case is it: Brenda Leigh Johnson's or Sharon Raydor's?

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tunathomas 1 month ago
Brenda also had a sniper-related case. An early episode guest-starring Richard Roundtree.
Tamara 9 months ago
7out of 10 I should of done better! I’m tired of ghost whisperer wish one of your later ones were on in its place like 1-800 missing or profiler!
Melody63 19 months ago
Too much Risolli and Isles! The shows not that great! I love The Closer and Major Crimes!
LenoreHaynes Melody63 19 months ago
I ❤️ them both
LenoreHaynes Melody63 19 months ago
Oops! > I ❤️ All 3 Shows
Debbie 20 months ago
I miss both of these shows. While the main women characters are different in their ideology and methodology, I loved both of the shows and Brenda Leigh and Sharon.
KS 21 months ago
Please bring back In Plain Site at a reasonable hour. You are showing way too much Risolli and Isles and Ghost Whisperer. Medium & In Plain Site are your best shows.
Morgan 22 months ago
I guess i'm better than I thought, Sike My favorite show on The Start TV channel is The Closer so ofc I would know if u want proof ask my brother😂!!
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