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Remember when Sharon Raydor was transformed into a hero after being a "villain" on The Closer? On Major Crimes, she was the head person in charge, but that didn't mean she couldn't get feisty. Mary Shannon on In Plain Sight was never a "villain," but she did enjoy seeing people underestimate her so she could prove them wrong. Do you know which Start TV character said these lines?
  1. Who said: " I see great things in this boy and I mean that from the bottom of my ever-so-lonely heart."
  2. Who said: "I have no beef with humanity. It's people I can't stand."
  3. Who said: "That is a whole lot better than what I'm thinking of calling you now."
  4. Who said: "You've got one chance to get this right. You need to turn your attitude around... right this minute."
  5. Who said: "Yeah, but don't let the PJs fool you. That's one bad-ass lawman."
  6. Who said: "Bite me. I'm trying to do something healthy for a change."
  7. Who said: "Asking all these questions at every one of your crime scenes for the past two months, I am feeling less like a captain and more like a hall monitor every day."
  8. Who said: "I think my least favorite phrase in human language is 'I'm sorry.'"
  9. Who said: "I walk into a room, it goes silent. I can't say hello to anyone...without provoking a defensive response."
  10. Who said: "For better or worse, our habits define us. We turn the pages of the same tattered script over and over."

Who said it: Sharon Raydor or Mary Shannon?

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