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When two outspoken people have to work together, sometimes it can be challenging.

That's where YOU come in! You're going to pick a side; choose whoever you think is right in these situations.
  1. A key witness in a case described Sharon's neighbor as the suspect of an attempted murder. Brenda thinks Sharon should be the one to arrest him, but Sharon doesn't want to be involved because that's her neighbor, and she believes it'll be a conflict. Whose side are you on?
  2. A convicted felon tells Brenda that he knows who murdered a beloved author but won't talk unless he can get a reduced sentence. Sharon says no and gets upset when Brenda agrees to hear him out. Whose side are you on?
  3. Evidence points to a friend of Brenda's as a suspect in a high-profile case. Brenda wants to look at all suspects before pointing the finger at her friend, but Sharon wants the friend to be arrested immediately. Whose side are you on?
  4. A pizza delivery guy is a key witness of a robbery but wants to finish his shift before he meets with Sharon and Brenda. Brenda is okay with waiting, but Sharon calls his job and eventually gets him fired after his employer fears someone will retaliate and come after his business. Who was wrong?
  5. Flynn and Will Pope made dinner plans with the women and told them they'd meet them at the restaurant. Sharon wants to call and tell them that she and Brenda won't be able to make it because they have to gather files. Brenda wanted to wait until morning to collect the files and then left for dinner. Who's wrong?
  6. Sharon's high school English teacher is a suspect in a murder case. Sharon wants to be by his side because of their great relationship, but Brenda wants someone else to replace her as they figure out this case. They eventually argue. Whose side are you on?
  7. Two teens are witnesses of a crime and are scared to speak with the police. Brenda tells them they have to cooperate or they'll be arrested. Sharon tells them that she'll personally protect them. Who's wrong?

Whose side are you on: Brenda Leigh Johnson or Sharon Raydor?

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