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Losing everything is a feeling that makes you weak. It seems like your world is crumbling and you're falling, and there's no one near to catch you. Yet, one positive outlook can be that once you fall down, there's no other direction to go except up.

Jane Seymour faced hardships before the television world knew her as Dr. Quinn. "We [she and her ex-husband David Flynn] got married, had two children, and then I had a devasting divorce in which I lost everything. I was like $9 million in the red, with lawsuits from every major bank, including the FDIC. I was penniless, homeless, with two children," Seymour told Entertainment Weekly.

Tough times never last, and Seymour knew she was a talented actress whose resume reflected that. So, she called her agent and told him that she needed gigs.

"And so I called my agent and said, 'I will do anything.'" He sent her the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman script later that night and she only had until the morning to accept it. "I got the script at 10 o'clock that night. At 10 the next morning, I had to say yes or no and go straight into wardrobe at noon and start filming at six the following morning. And I had to sign for five years," she added.

The actress was initially concerned that Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, could potentially divert her from a comedy opportunity with Paramount. However, the Western drama defied all expectations. In fact, those at the company were certain it would be a TV special that would eventually fade away.

"They said, 'Oh, don't worry about it. It's a woman in the lead. It's a medical show. It's children and animals. It's dusty, and it's a period piece, and it's morality. It will never make it, so don't worry about it. It'll become a nice movie of the week, you'll be lovely in it, you'll make some money, and then you can do our show.'"

They were proven wrong, and the series became a resounding success, pulling Seymour from her hardship and becoming a '90s classic.

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