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Some critics enjoy spreading negativity; they get a thrill out of the outrage their comments elicit and say things like, "All press is good press." The public has a love/hate relationship with them. Sometimes, these individuals are simply doing their jobs — giving their opinions whether they're unpopular or not.

Other times, critics trash a production and add insults toward actors involved, saying things like, "My dog could've made a better series with his paws!" or "I also scratched my eyes out watching that movie."

They've been right about some productions being horrible, but there's still a respectable way to say you didn't enjoy it without hitting below the belt. There were also many times when their critiques and predictions were way off. In the '90s, critics said Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman "ticked all the boxes for disaster" because it starred a woman, and Western shows were a thing of the '50s and '60s.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jane Seymour talked about how the audience proved everyone wrong. "We knew it was good material. We were thrilled we had an audience because we were never expected to get an audience. We were told a woman in the lead wouldn't work...a Western medical show ticked all the boxes for not a good show," she said.

Despite all of that, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman's audience showed out for their favorite series, making the cast and crew feel like one big happy family. This sense of unity and shared love for the show was a testament to the power of their support.

"We were out in a national park, [and] the fans came from all over the world, stood there watching us morning, noon and night. It was almost like a live show, although it was being filmed. Those fans were so touched by the fact that we would find time to go over and say hello [and] take pictures with them. [They] became our die-hard fans."

To this day, many fans enjoy watching the Western drama and would be excited about a reboot.

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