Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

5 interesting quotes from Jane Seymour about Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Here's what the actress had to say about her hit show.

Are these scenes from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman or Cold Case?

Two shows that brought the drama in different parts of the world

Critics said Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman clicked ''all the boxes for disaster''

Die-hard fans tuned in every week to ensure their favorite Western drama was far from a disaster.

Help Byron Sully plan the perfect date night for him and Dr. Quinn

Sully wants to win the love of Dr. Quinn. Can you help him?

Did Dr. Quinn actually say these lines, or did we make them up?

If you can get a perfect score, you're the best quiz taker in the West!

In 1996, Jane Seymour described Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as ''history in dramatic form''

The show's star said it allowed viewers to experience what life was like during that time.

Johnny Cash needed a stunt double to ride a horse on 'Dr. Quinn'

The Man in Black had surprising reservations about horses.
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