Julianna Margulies claims that George Clooney is to thank for her career-making role on ER

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 14, 2019, 11:44PM

Julianna Margulies had her first recurring character appear on the popular hospital drama series ER. For anyone who missed it, she played Carol Hathaway, a registered nurse who had a torrid relationship with George Clooney's character, Dr. Doug Ross.

In an interview with Seth Meyers, Margulies revealed that the man who played the reckless doctor turned out to be a thoughtful colleague and, now, a longtime friend. She credits part of her success to advice that Clooney shared with her before the first season of ER was even scripted.

"I seriously owe my career to George Clooney because my character died in the pilot of ER," she shared with Meyers. With no clear indication of what would come of her screen test, Margulies had to find work elsewhere. She said, "I was about to sign on to a not-very-good sitcom. I had just come back from New York, I needed a job."

Lucky for Margulies, Clooney was able to reach out and share some top-secret insight that changed the course of her career.

"He called me out of the blue, put his neck out on the line for me and said, 'I overheard that your character tested well, and if I were you I wouldn't take another job because I think they're gonna bring you back to life'," she revealed. 

Margulies went on to star in six seasons of ER, making a sweet reappearance with Clooney in season 15.

The best part of this cameo? According to Margulies, no one except the two of them (and the crew that filmed) knew that they would be on the show again! Apparently, miracles do happen in the ER.

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