The Costume Designer for ‘The Closer’ Worked Hard to Find Brenda’s Amazing Outfits

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 3, 2021, 4:15PM

Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is known for two things: catching the bad guys and looking great while doing it. Fans of The Closer love Brenda’s amazing outfits almost as much as the series. Simple yet elegant, her unique style helps Brenda stands out in both the series and among other procedural crime dramas.

Greg LeVoi was the costume director for The Closer and the spin-off series Major Crimes. LeVoi has stated that the main components for Brenda’s style are tailored jackets that look like they’re from the 1940s and soft skirts.

“She's out on a crime scene, she runs by a vintage store, Brenda not being a shopper doesn't know what a vintage store is, thinks it's a thrift store, goes in, sees a jacket that reminds her of her grandma, buys it, and that's how I rationalize it, ‘Oh, that's a piece of her history,’” said LeVoi about thinking like Brenda in regards to fashion.

Getting the trimmed jackets, sweaters, and skirts for Brenda was no easy task. LeVoi admitted that he would spend hours at night on eBay to find the ‘right' jacket that he knows our crime-solving Deputy Chief would love.

“After the show late at night, when I'm at home I'll start scrolling down and finding these things. I've been in bidding wars on certain things. I've gone up to six, seven hundred dollars, and then I've gotten them for $29, so it's hit or miss,” said LeVoi about his dedication to Brenda’s attire.

Many components go into helping tell a character's story on television, and clothes are especially part of that process. While it did cause come late nights for LeVoi, we’re happy for the dedication he put forth to help bring Deputy Chief  Brenda Johnson to life on The Closer.

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Barb 16 months ago
Hi the pink coat was and is perfect for Brenda. Please watch the show see how Brenda pulls off ,she can wear it all. I love these shows you have so many good series for these woman actress that deserve to be seen over again
Sometimes you can miss something watch again an you get a good laugh. Thank you for bringing back good shows that all these actors should be proud they were apart of. As y out see I am sentimental and I am very hard to please.I like what I like . Between Brenda, Sharon ,and the list goes on . You have a great lineup nice to see good shows are still available to woman or anyone that likes meaningful shows to be passed on and on
Thank you
Cornelia 16 months ago
I had that pink raincoat too. Now I wear the aqua version. Cheers me up during rainy weather.
Beatrice 16 months ago
She is the Chief not the Captain. Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. The Captain was on Major Crimes. Really did love Chief Brenda's clothes...
Captain Sharon Raydor was a little more conservative...
Charlotte 16 months ago
Not Captain - she was Deputy Chief! I still want the pink ski parka.
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