The creator of The Closer initially tried to ban Brenda's pink trench coat

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 23, 2018, 2:09PM

As its star investigated murder after murder, the fashion of The Closer became a lively discussion topic among fans. Between Brenda's retro chic and sweet floral prints, her femininity remained a priority for the show's costume designer Greg LaVoi throughout the series run. LaVoi spent days tracking down the right looks on Ebay and in vintage shops, but there's perhaps one item he dressed Kyra Sedgwick in that was by far the most divisive on set. We're talking about Brenda's pink trench coat.

Every good detective has a trusty trench coat, from Columbo's tan wrinkled coat to Sherlock Holmes' grays. But to some, it might seem a little stereotypical to give a Barbie pink trench coat to a super-sleuth who also happens to be a knockout like Brenda. LaVoi told Entertainment Weekly that the show's creator James Duff originally vetoed the Neiman Marcus pink number, reportedly saying, "I don’t want that coat to take on a life of its own."

Fortunately for fans of Brenda and her bright pink coat too, Duff got overruled on his own show. After Brenda was seen wearing it, shoppers and viewers flocked to have it, making it one of several trends started by The Closer's flashy star.

For what it's worth, though, that pink coat's not Sedgwick's personal taste either. She said in an interview she'd never have picked it herself, but regardless of her own opinion, she backed the costume designer's logic: "Greg [LaVoi] always makes choices [for Brenda] based on reality, but also on the reality of the character. Brenda would not be seen in a khaki trench, unless it was from the ’40s and went down to her ankles. He likes to spin things and make them not ordinary.”

We're grateful LaVoi took the fashion risk.

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