The Closer

Did Brenda Leigh Johnson's dad appear in these ''The Closer'' episodes?

We have to show some love to Clay Johnson, too.

J.K. Simmons avoids these kinds of roles because they "don't appeal'' to him

He'll voice an animal; he'll play a villain. Yet Simmons didn't care to portray historical figures.

Whose side are you on: Brenda Leigh Johnson or Sharon Raydor?

Sharon and Brenda have to work together to solve a crime, but they have differences!

All About G.W. Bailey: The Loveable Louie Provenza on The Closer and Major Crimes

G.W. Bailey studied Law before a friend convinced him to step into acting.

Frances Sternhagen gained stardom on this show before she was Brenda Leigh Johnson's mom

Before being the loveable Willie Rae Johnson, Sternhagen gained Emmy nominations for her character on Cheers.

How would you respond to Asst. Police Chief Will Pope?

Asst. Chief Will Pope doesn't hold back. So, what will be your response?

Did Brad Pitt actually call Kyra Sedgwick to congratulate her on her Golden Globe win?

It's time to find out whether this 2007 rumor is true or not!

Brenda Leigh Johnson and Will Pope's relationship was a little bit complicated

A messy former relationship that caused a lot of tension even years later.

R.I.P Frances Sternhagen, Tony award-winning actress and Willie Ray Johnson on The Closer

Sternhagen played Brenda Leigh Johnson's mother on the series. The Tony award-winning actress was 93.

6 prominent J.K. Simmons roles after The Closer ended

From voicing a cartoon lion who is also a mayor to being William Frawley, is there anything J.K. Simmons can't do?

Kyra Sedgwick's first acting job was in a 1982 soap opera

One small role kicked off a legendary career for Sedgwick.

Brenda Leigh Johnson is a character Kyra Sedgwick never got tired of playing

Sedgwick got to grow with Brenda Leigh Johnson, and she thought it was fascinating.

Who are we describing: Sharon Raydor or Lilly Rush?

How well do you know these two characters?

Kyra Sedgwick once got teary-eyed on the set of The Closer

The actress shed a few tears thinking about her family.

Kyra Sedgwick said Brenda Leigh Johnson's personal life was a mess

Sedgwick said Johnson was "such an intriguing character to play."

The Closer series creator insisted Brenda have an accent

James Duff wanted to break a stigma.

Poll: Which of these Brenda Leigh Johnson looks is your favorite?

Brenda has a lot of great looks, which one is your favorite?

Kyra Sedgwick was inspired by ‘Prime Suspect’ to play Brenda on 'The Closer'

She saw a lot of possibilities in the role of Brenda.

Louise from Bob's Burgers once impersonated The Closer's Brenda Leigh Johnson

"I'm detective Brenda Leigh Johnson. There's been a murder backstage!"

The Closer's Will Pope is based on this real LAPD police officer

The only person more intense than J.K. Simmons as Will Pope.
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