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Touched By An Angel was among the most heartfelt shows of the '90s and early 2000s. Roma Downey played Monica on the series throughout its nine-season run. When actors play characters for an extended period of time, they eventually become one — taking some of the fictional traits and situations the character goes through with them outside of the role. 

Being on the show was more than just a chance at stardom for Downey since it was a hit. She was ecstatic about finally having a steady job and no longer struggling.

"It wasn't that long ago I was a struggling actor in New York, doing off-Broadway, waiting tables, doing whatever one has to do to keep body and soul together," the actress told the Elko Daily Free Press in 1998. "I'm thrilled to have a steady gig, a good job, to be on a hit show. All of that is fantastic."

Downey also talked about how the role made her a better person. "But you add to that this (knowledge of being) part of something that is having a good effect. I feel like playing Monica for five seasons made me a better person. I'm a better listener, a better friend. It kind of rubs off, you know?"

She also shared that the show became successful in smaller areas before big cities started taking notice.

"A lot of shows become hits in the bigger cities (first). It seemed like Touched By An Angel  became a big hit in the middle of the country, in the South, in small towns, then sort of spread to the bigger cities," the actress added. "I meet people all the time who say they make a date with their families to watch the show together."

When a series positively impacts those involved, it's easy to understand why it moved viewers the way it did. 

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