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Kathryn Morris and Lilly Rush are not the same person. Yes, the actress portrayed the character on Cold Case during its seven-season run from 2003-2010. Yet, Rush is a completely fictional character with personality traits that do not describe Kathryn Morris.

Why are we stating the obvious? Sometimes, when actors play a role so well, it becomes complicated for fans to separate the actor from the character. Many become disappointed when they meet the actor, and their personality is unlike "the one on TV." In some instances, actors become one with their roles—learning from fictional experiences and situations and using them in real life. 

In this case (see what we did there), Morris once revealed the one thing she and her character had in common. During an interview with The Washington Post in 2006, journalist Kathy Blumenstock asked Morris, "Lilly is so intense; does she ever do anything for fun?"

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Morris replied, "She really doesn't know how to have fun. She may just go out for drinks at the Tavern. Making breakfast is like a vacation to her. Turning the ringer off the phone would be considered fun for her. That's what she's learning this year: to have a little space.

"I, on the other hand, have no problem turning it off. I get together with my goofy friends and my nephews and just live my life. I'll go to stupid, silly movies and try things you haven't tried before. I am a much lighter person. The only thing in common with me and Lilly is that we both really like to work."

You can easily agree with Morris' response when watching an episode of Cold Case. Lilly Rush's rough upbringing resulted in a distant relationship with her mother and estranged father—until he saved her from drowning. This turned into relationship and personal life issues when she got older, and she didn't really know how to have fun.

Although there were apparent differences between both, Morris did a great job bringing the character to life. 

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