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There are many vital processes a company must go through before they reach the production and post-production phases of a project. Pre-production holds an essential part of the "before filming" process, which is casting. We all know that when a media company has an idea (whether pre-written or in the moment), it's either created with an actor/actress already in mind or the search is on for the perfect person to play the lead character, which is done through auditions.

Usually, the lead actor is chosen first, then supporting character actors follow. Yet for Cold Case, this was a tad bit different. Kathryn Morris played Lilly Rush, the star character in the crime drama series, but she was the last person cast. Don't worry, though; it was intentional.

"I was the last person cast on Cold Case," the actor recalled during an interview with Knight Ridder Newspapers in 2005. "I wanted to know what the journey would be for the long term."

So, it's not that producers wanted to see if another actor would work out first before offering her the role; Morris wanted to make sure the series had longevity. What impressed her?

She spilled the beans in the interview, saying, "They really talked about NYPD Blue and the complexities of Dennis Franz's character, (Andy) Sipowicz, and [said] my character would take a journey as rich as his."

If you aren't aware, Cold Case was created by Meredith Stiehm, a former writer on NYPD Blue. Lilly Rush was very complex, and she had to find effective ways to move past her childhood trauma and adult issues. Rush had to do this while solving cold cases; she showcased a fearless woman who was able to take on challenges and take the lead.

It turns out, Kathryn Morris made the right decision to take the role because the series lasted for seven seasons from 2003-2010. 

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