Johnny Cash needed a stunt double to ride a horse on 'Dr. Quinn'

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 23, 2020, 1:52PM

As one of the first and biggest guest stars on the series, Johnny Cash would reprise his role four times during Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman's six-season run, portraying Kid Cole, former gunslinger turned law-abiding sheriff.

Cash would continue to reprise his role on the series because of his growing friendship with Jane Seymour on and off the screen. Following the series, Seymour would go on to name her son after him and her at-the-time husband, John Keach, would even produce Cash's biopic, Walk The Line

The Man in Black would even get his beloved friends and family involved in the series as well. Along with him was his wife, June Cash, who played his love interest and Bob Wootton, lead guitarist of his backing band, The Tennessee Three.

Bob was a life-long fan and friend who first met Johnny Cash in 1970, when Cash needed a quick lead guitarist for a performance in Arkansas. Bob, being such a big fan of Cash, played all his famous songs with ease and would be invited to become a permanent member as the lead guitarist for The Tennessee Three and Johnny Cash. 

When filming for Dr. Quinn, Bob Wootton would back up Johnny Cash once again — but this time as his stunt double. Anytime Kid Cole needed to be filmed on a horse, Wootton was used instead due to Cash's life long fear of horses. Along with snakes and flying, Johnny Cash's fear of horses required some Hollywood magic anytime Kid Cole had to ride off into the sunset.

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Cecilia 19 months ago
I had a veterinarian that refused to give my incapacitated horse a shot - so what. Being a champion horsewoman, Jane Seymour more than made up in equestrian expertise. She, however, can not sing like Johnny Cash. We all have our niches.
BrightFeather2 19 months ago
I would have never guessed that a life long cowboy would be fearful of horses and not ever ride one. He doesn't know what he missed. I love to ride horses even though I'm not a great rider because I get so little chance to ride. I'm going to be 76 and I still have the urge to ride. it's especially good when you and the horse are in sync. There are some horses that are so well trained it's like they are your soul mate. Of all the horses I've had in my lifetime only one was like that. He looked after me like a father. He was an outlaw that didn't trust anyone he was so badly treated before I got him at 12 years old. In 6 months of love, he was my soul mate and he knew where I wanted to go before I gave him any signals. If he went under a branch he knew would hit me he'd stop right under it and watch to see when I was clear of it. He looked out for me. He wasn't pretty but he was the best horse I've ever had. He got so attached to me he would not let any one ride him unless I gave him the okay. He'd do it but you could see he was not happy about it. Riding him was like power steering. Hardly had to make a move with the reins - he read my mind. He would go into places other horses wouldn't, when we would be on a hunt for a lost pet or goat, or something and the thicket was so thick I'd have to back him out since there was no place to turn around. Man I miss him. In all the horses I've had and have ridden none were ever like him ! He was a big 16 H high Buckskin and I'm just a little 95 pound gal. That would be too big a horse for me to get up on now at almost 76. I was in my late 20's - early 30's when I had him. A lifetime ago. But I still miss him so much. He would do anything for me. No horse can ever compare to him.
I could have gotten Johnny Cash over his fears with that horse.

Cecilia BrightFeather2 19 months ago
He's not a cowboy; he's a singer that specializes in country music. Big difference. Aren't we a little old to make petty assumptions.
Carolyn BrightFeather2 17 months ago
And he served time he was quite the rounder until June came in his life.
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