Lawyer Margo Wolf O'Donnell proves women can have it all

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 1, 2018, 4:17PM

"You can do it," Margo Wolf O'Donnell tells Start TV. "You can have a thriving career and have a family."

Wolf O'Donnell's father and grandfather were both lawyers, so her fascination with the courtroom started early. Now she's a partner in the law firm Benesch in Chicago. "It surprises me when I go to court and I'm the only woman," she says. "I've always thought that my gender really didn't have much to do with what I wanted." Watch the video above for advice on starting out and rising up in law.

Mentorship is incredibly important to Wolf O'Donnell and she's doing her part to guide women working their way up, helping to support them as they balance their lives and careers.

In addition to being a partner at Benesch, Wolf O'Donnell is on the boards of Women's Initiatives in Law, Yale Chicago, the Woman's Athletic Club of Chicago and the Auxiliary Board of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Watch Wolf O'Donnell discuss the importance of mentorship in law:

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