Holocaust survivor Magda Brown did everything in her power to make sure "Never Again" meant never again

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 10, 2019, 12:25PM

As a Holocaust survivor who came to Chicago after the war, Magda Brown kept quiet then about what she experienced growing up in Poland, where she was forced into a ghetto and then interned in Auschwitz, losing her family. But by 1977 when members of the American Nazi party wanted to march in Skokie, Ilinois, wearing SS uniforms, Brown and her fellow survivors decided it was time to speak up and tell the world that never again means never again.

After building her own family and career, Brown never stopped using her voice to speak out about the importance of freedom and standing up to Holocaust deniers. Magda Brown passed away in July 2020 and will always be remembered for her tireless work to make sure "Never Again" meant never again.

Holocaust survivor Magda Brown’s message to students: "Protect our freedom":

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