Aimée Eubanks Davis believes the next generation of leaders can emerge from everywhere

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: May 7, 2019, 11:34AM

After several years with Teach for America, Aimée Eubanks Davis realized that many of her former students were struggling to find jobs out of college — "even though they had done everything right." To no fault of their own, she says, low-income and first generation students simply lack some of the skills, mindsets and professional networks that give other students a leg up in the job market. So, inspired to narrow that gap, she launched Braven in 2013, with the goal of helping underrepresented minorities land strong first jobs out of college. She was also named a 2019 Obama Foundation Fellow — one of just 20 people in the world.

See what advice Aimée Eubanks Davis gives to students:

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