Sharon Raydor

Are you more like Dr. Joan Watson or Sharon Raydor?

Don't you wish you were besties with these women?

Remember when the Major Crimes Division had to solve this ''Bad Blood'' case?

In this episode, a retired LAPD officer has a lot of bad blood.

There's a Sharon Raydor podcast that asks, ''What would Sharon Raydor Do?''

When Major Crimes ended, Sharon Raydor didn't exactly leave the homes of her supporters.

Here is Mary McDonnell's response to fans upset about the death of Sharon Raydor

McDonnell didn't know how much Sharon Raydor meant to Major Crimes fans.

POLL: Which Sharon Raydor look is your favorite?

Raydor was solving major crimes while looking stylish!

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We're sure you know all about Sharon Raydor, but can you complete these episode titles?

Tony Denison loved the romance between Andy Flynn and Sharon Raydor

Major Crimes fans couldn't get enough of "Shandy" and Andy Flynn.

Who are we describing: Sharon Raydor or Lilly Rush?

How well do you know these two characters?