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Remember when the Major Crimes Division had to solve this ''Bad Blood'' case?

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: January 31, 2024, 1:27PM    Tags: Major Crimes, episode breakdown, Sharon Raydor

In season five, episode eight of Major Crimes, Sharon's son Ricky makes a surprise visit and announces her engagement to Andy before they can reveal it. He found out from Rusty, but while wedding bells were in the future for the couple, a funeral needed to be planned for a retired LAPD detective, Mary Conrad.

Conrad was murdered in what the Major Crimes Division called a "follow home" murder, and the suspects included someone she arrested in the past and...her family.

In the "Bad Blood" episode, viewers discover that Conrad was a fraud. Let's briefly look at the victim and the suspects.

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The Victim and Case

Name: Mary Conrad

Age and occupation at the time of her death: 72, retired LAPD detective.

When did she join the LAPD? She joined the team in 1977, apparently in the same class as Lt. Provenza, but he didn't remember her. 

Cause of death: Murdered (head trauma), beaten with her encased badge.

Who found her: Tori, her niece.

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Victim's Background

Did she have issues with any fellow detectives while with the LAPD? Sharon Raydor relieved her of her duties after accepting kickbacks. She attempted to strike her.

Did she commit any crimes? Yes, both minor and major during her retirement, including shoplifting, mail theft, assaulting a neighbor, and killing her neighbor's dog.

Any family issues? She lied to her family about her annual $50,000 pension. Conrad told them she took a lump sum and lost it through bad investments. Her family cared for her for four years and were nearing bankruptcy.

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Suspect One

Name: Dustin O'Brien

Background info: An ex-con sent to prison for five years by Conrad. His sentence was increased to 25 years after assaulting another inmate. He stalked Mary after he was released.

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Suspect Two

Name: Griffin Clarkson

Background info: He was Mary's landlord, whom she hated. Clarkson lost several tenants due to her unhinged behavior, and she murdered his dog.

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Suspect Three

Name: Tori Duncan

Background info: She is Mary's niece. Over four years, she and her husband paid approximately $4,000 a month to cover her aunt's expenses. They rented out the apartment she was living in for her, so they had the keys. Now, they can't afford to send their son to college.

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Suspect Four

Name: Alan Duncan

Background info: He is Tori's husband, who, along with his wife, paid for Mary's living expenses for four years. He found out about Mary's $50,000 annual pension.

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