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On Unforgettable, Poppy Montgomery plays Carrie Wells, the detective whose uncanny memory comes in awfully handy when solving cases.

Despite her superhuman memory, there's not a whole lot the show reveals about Carrie's past. We learn Carrie had a troubled upbringing, never knowing her dad and dealing with the brutal murder of her sister. But from the pieces they give us, we do know that when Carrie grew up, she immediately joined the Syracuse police department to solve her sister's murder, so we can likely assume that Carrie grew up in the United States, likely in the state of New York, if not spending her entire childhood in Syracuse .

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All this is relevant for one hard to ignore reason: The pendant that Carrie Wells wears around her neck nearly every episode appears to be a very personal item for the character, since she wears it so often. But if you've ever squinted at the screen wondering, what is that around Carrie's neck? You are not alone. Fans on the internet have even posted theories identifying it as a horse's head, but that theory is easily busted by looking instead to the background of the actress who plays Carrie.

Poppy Montgomery is an Australian actor, born in Sydney, and she only moved to Los Angeles when she was ready to kickstart her acting career. So, no, the pendant is not a horse or randomly cut stone: It's the continent of Australia, which Poppy still clearly holds close to her heart.

So there you have it, mystery solved! The pendant Carrie always wears simply represents Poppy's childhood in the Land Down Under. 

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