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Television shows get canceled all the time—for various reasons. It's heartbreaking when it's one of your favorite series, though. Fans of Unforgettable had to endure this disappointment, not once, but twice! When the show was first canceled, Poppy Montgomery, the star, said it simply didn't surprise her when it was revived.

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"Nothing surprises me anymore. Television has become extraordinarily competitive, so when shows get canceled, I almost understand. There's just so much out there to choose from," the actress told The Daily Journal in 2013. "I trusted what CBS was doing, both when they decided not to pick up the show and then when they decided to bring it back. I'm just along for the ride. And I had a baby in between, so it worked out great for me."

Montgomery was more than ecstatic to revamp the show and return with something special for awaiting fans. "The great thing about doing a summer show is that you get to have more fun. We were a little heavier in tone in season one, and we're kind of brightening things up," she added.

A happier Carrie Wells was well on her way to viewers' television screens, and just the thought made Montgomery happy.

"I actually get to show my teeth and smile every now and then! Carrie's not quite as tortured this time, and when they told me about the new direction, I got so excited."

Creator and executive producer Ed Redlich also acknowledged that shows getting second chances were rare, and Unforgettable was ready to take on the challenge of being a better production."...It feels like the first time even though it's the second time. You really get a chance to say, 'What did we do well? What did we do not so well? And what can we improve upon?'"

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