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A character's style is not just a detail, but a creative masterpiece that can be as vital to a show's success as the plot. It breathes life into the fictional being and adds a sense of realism to the production. Wardrobe stylists and costume designers are responsible for their looks. These individuals, with their artistic flair, are often used for various productions.

Have you ever watched Elementary and Unforgettable and loved the looks of Dr. Joan Watson and Carrie Wells? Both shows were on CBS and styled by the same costume designer, making us feel more engaged in their stories. 

"Rebecca Hofherr is the CBS mystery show's (Elementary) costume designer," an article in The Daily Journal in 2014 reads. "Her sense of style has also been seen in another CBS series, 'Unforgettable,' and in such movies as 'Winter's Bone'—which gave an early showcase to Jennifer Lawrence—and 'Step Up: Revolution'."

Hofherr moved to New York City after graduating college to pursue a career in Film and Television and has been styling our favorite characters ever since.

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