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Even if you're the biggest fan of The Good Wife, you wouldn't be blamed for overlooking episode titles. They weren't always included in the opening or closing credits, and the dramatic arcs on the show may have kept you glued to the screen, too busy to Google your favorite episode titles.

However, the creators of the show instilled a curious logic into how these episodes were named, and for attentive fans who caught onto the pattern of the episode titles, it was possible to predict when the series would be ending long before that information was officially announced.

How's that? Well, if you scan the episode titles of the first season, you'll notice that every single episode title is just one word. Starting with "Pilot," then moving onto names like "Home," "Crash," "Boom," "Bang," "Mock" and even just simply "Hi."

Once the series slipped into the second season, the names expanded to two words each, with episodes called "Double Jeopardy," "Bad Girls," "Breaking Up" and even "Ham Sandwich." The only outlier in season two is called, "Silver Bullet, aka Last Shot," which is essentially just two two-word titles, making it perhaps the most second season episode ever?

Moving onto the third season, you probably guessed, the episode names lengthened again, this time to three words. Viewers tuned in for "A New Day," "Get a Room," "What Went Wrong" and, yes, "Another Ham Sandwich." The fourth season followed suit, expanding to four words for "I Fought the Law," "The Art of War," "A More Perfect Union" and "What's in the Box?" 

Here's where things shift and the writers on The Good Wife sent a secret signal to fans that the series was coming to the conclusion of its original run. For the fifth season, the pattern reverses, and episodes are back to only three words. Then the sixth, back down to two. And the final season, back to one, taking us from "Bond" to "Verdict" then "End" to conclude the series.

Have you ever noticed how the episodes were titled? Kudos to you if you picked up on this little detail that revealed so much more than any fan could've guessed.

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