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Paranormal happenstance, ghosts, and ghouls are just another day for Melinda Gordon on Ghost Whisperer. Helping the deceased find their peace in the afterlife has brought Melinda and the crew into some scary situations. But only one episode of the show ever scared series lead, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In the season 4 episode, Weight of What Was, Melinda discovers a secret buried underneath the town of Grand View. Venturing deep underground, Melinda finds herself trapped with the spirits of the original Grand View town who had been buried for many years.

Unfortunately for the claustrophobic actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, the underground scenes required long hours of filming in tiny enclosed spaces.

"It was awful. It was really tough because my character was supposed to be freaked out but I had to get myself really calm in order to even get myself to go in. We were literally in a room the size of a small bathroom with 25 crew members for 14 hours, said Jennifer Love Hewitt on working through her claustrophobia.

The cast and crew were willing and able to help accommodate Hewitt for the tunnel scene. Prior to filming, the set designers constructed a setting that would allow her to leave anytime she needed to.

"At one point it got really bad and they had to let me out. They were nice though, they built a wall that was removable so that I could get out at any time if I freaked out.”

Working through a phobia is no easy task for anyone. Hewitt could count on the creative support of her cast and crewmates to help.

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