Ghost Whisperer's ''Don't Try This at Home'' might be the scariest episode of the series

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 12, 2023, 2:45PM    Tags: Ghost Whisperer

When watching any episode of Ghost Whisperer for the first time, it's tough to prepare yourself for a scare. After watching your favorite episodes over and over on Start TV, you know when to turn your head, close your eyes, or hide under your covers. 

However, there's one episode that'll send chills down your spine no matter how many times you watch it, "Don't Try This at Home." What happens when a group of friends summon Bloody Mary? Melinda finds out for herself. In this episode, at the three-minute mark, a young woman is washing her face at a sink and decides to cover her reflection with towels.

After looking at herself in the mirror, she screams. It's the beginning of a series of events surrounding girls at a college campus. The girls are attacked, and the legend of Bloody Mary becomes the "talk around campus."

Now, we all know that this is just a horror story passed down by many generations. But when a ghost believes that she IS Mary, it can turn into a challenging situation.

Of course, Melinda didn't believe from the start that the ghost could be Mary and spent the episode convincing her that she wasn't in an effort to save the girls and stop the incidents.

Blood, screams, and lots of mirrors are in this episode, which makes it scary on its own, but adding the popular urban legend, makes it spookier.

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