Poppy Montgomery once rescued her real son from kidnapping on Unforgettable

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 6, 2019, 3:38PM

On Unforgettable, Poppy Montgomery stars as detective Carrie Wells, who is able to quickly solve cases due to her photographic memory. But the actress had at least one rescue on the show where she didn't need her photographic memory to know just who it was she was looking for. That's because the kidnapping victim in "We Can Be Heroes" was played by Montgomery's real-life son, Jackson Kaufman.

In that episode, Jackson played Mason, a young boy who suddenly is snatched from his grandmother at an amusement park after a bomb threat drives the crowd to panic. We watch as the boy who opens the episode happily screaming on a roller coaster turns up much later, terrified and shrunken into the corner of the dark room where Carrie finds him. Once she shows her badge and wins Mason's trust, she takes the boy into her arms, and it's a rare onscreen mother-son moment for anybody in the audience who is in the know.

But this wasn't the first time Jackson appeared on his mother's series. He actually first appeared in a much smaller role in the episode "Cashing In." It's a fun episode where we find out that Carrie's memory also comes in handy in poker games, and we get to watch her gamble as she goes undercover, and at the very beginning, it opens with Carrie jogging through her neighborhood. She runs past a park where kids are playing, and among them is Jackson, who goes by his real name.

In that scene, Jackson is the first to spot the "crazy memory lady" and he eagerly points Poppy's character out to the other kids. We then watch the kids form a lineup along a fence, and Carrie sticks her hand through the grates to tousle each kids' hair as she names each one, including calling her actual son by his actual name.

Since appearing on Unforgettable, Jackson has yet to follow further in his mother's footsteps and take on any other roles, but it seems from these two appearances, his actress mom has no problem moving aside to give him in the spotlight.

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