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Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite actress? Television has evolved, and working in the industry has pros and cons, especially for actresses.

Lucy Liu was praised for her role as Dr. Joan Watson in Elementary, but her career was already stable, with credits in various productions. One reason for her success could be her understanding that television is a medium that doesn't stop.

"Television is a machine. You jump onto this conveyor belt that is going at a very quick speed," she said in an interview with the Associated Press in 2015. We've all seen television change right before our eyes. Think about popular shows in each decade. For example, Westerns and rural comedies were the most popular genres in the Fifties and Sixties.

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Then, as the Seventies rolled in, the focus shifted to situational comedies that aimed to highlight societal topics. Shows with women as the primary characters became more common in the Seventies and eventually rolled into the Eighties and Nineties.

In the Nineties, we saw shows like Any Day Now and Touched By an Angel gain more popularity, although productions began to focus on adding more PG-13 scenes to their content.

It's all about adapting to change in the industry, and that's how Lucy Liu created her longevity.

"And if you can't keep up, you fall off and fall hard," she continued. We've seen some of our favorite stars come and go because they either couldn't keep up with production trends or decided to take a stand and not deal with the new changes.

It's one of the reasons why Lucy Liu decided to add more to her resume: directing. She directed an episode of Elementary, but the opportunity took a lot of work mixed in with constant asking. "It's harder for women in general. You have to ask and ask and ask. You have to break the door down ...and come in with a real belief in what you're doing."

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