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In July 2008, a Tulsa World reporter visited The Closer's set to interview the show's star, Kyra Sedgwick. During a break from shooting a "boring" scene, the actress talked about her success and how much she missed her family—which brought tears to her eyes.

"They are flying in from New York in about an hour," Sedgwick said happily. "I can't wait." Although she was used to leaving her family for months, being apart was never easy.

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"It's still really so hard, and it seems to be getting a little bit harder," she explained. "I don't know why. (Tears well up in her eyes.) I'm sorry. You know, my daughter is just 16, and we get along so well—I just miss her. She's going to college soon. My son is gone, and he is happy, so that is OK."

Sedgwick continued, "But the aching I feel when I know she's home and available and I'm not there—it feels so unmanageable sometimes. But, thank God, my kids are great and intact."

The separation never challenged her love for her husband, actor Kevin Bacon, either. The two got married in 1988, just a little under two years after meeting each other on the set of PBS's adaption of the 1970s play Lemon Sky.

"He continues to be unfailingly supportive in every way," she told Tulsa World. "There has never been a moment of 'You get to go out there and work, and I'm here at home.' Never a moment. We're married 20 years in September, and I still find new things about him. My heart soars [when I see him]. I get that thing—I totally do, still, absolutely. My heart skips a bit, and I'm just filled with love and attraction."

Those tears Sedgwick cried on the set show just how beautiful she is inside and out. It also shows how much her family meant to her and that she never thought twice about ensuring they felt loved. 

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