Jane Seymour is Ready to Make a 'Dr. Quinn' Reboot

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 11, 2020, 3:49PM

Image Source: Everett Collection 

More than 20 years after the final episode aired in 1998, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fans are eager to see the series continue. Fortunately both Jane Seymour and series creator Beth Sullivan are just as passionate to bring it back as well. 

In a recent interview with People TV, Jane Seymour discussed her excitement for bringing back the series and the current plans for it. 

“We actually have the most wonderful script and everything ready to go for a reboot," remarked Jane Seymour in her interview with People TV. "We would start 26 years later when it's all about women's liberation."

With the final season taking place in 1873, this reboot would find itself at the end of the 19th century in 1899. This would also be just 21 years before women's right to vote was made legal and put Dr. Quinn in the heart of the women's suffrage movement. 

With the script ready to go, the only thing left to get the reboot on the air is finding a network to pick it up. In the past few years we've seen a trend in popular series reboots such as Star Trek: Picard and Netflix's Karate Kid follow-up series, Cobra Kai. With so many new reboot shows being made, perhaps it's only a matter of time before we can finally continue the adventures of Dr. Michaela Quinn once again.

What do you think about a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot? Could they pull off the same magic they once did 2 decades ago?

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Mamme1978 4 days ago
I absolutely love Dr.Quinn one of my favorite shows of all time I would so love to see it come back it would be the greatest! I look up to Dr Quinn she's magnificent. She represents a woman of strength and all heart!
Lee 24 days ago
really like this show hope they do get a reboot going
RoiannLeeChabot 3 months ago
Yes, bring back DR Mike and Sully!!!! People really need a show like this, to bring them back to reality, not this other crap that is on tv.
ISABELLE 3 months ago
My husband and I watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman every morning and would love a new series. Jane Seymour is an excellent actress and as beautiful as ever. We enjoy the whole cast and would love to see as many of the original actors as possible -- a modern day Colorado Springs. Jonelle Allen looks great today as well. These ladies have certainly kept their options open. I am sure the show has many fans. Looking forward to a new look, Isabelle in NYC.
ISABELLE 3 months ago
I was just telling my husband this very morning I would love a new Dr. Quinn series. First of all, she is as beautiful as ever and there is quite a fan base I'm sure. It would be great to cast as many of the original actors as possible and do a modern day story line of Colorado Springs. Jonelle Allen is still a beauty as well. I never miss an episode. Quinn is our go to every morning here in NYC.
Lunarstruck 3 months ago
Yes, please bring back Colleen as Erica Flores! I hated that she was replaced.
Lunarstruck 3 months ago
Omg I would LOVE that! I still watch it and Jane Seymour is still just as beautiful as ever!
SusanAnderkin 4 months ago
Also agree with Jessica about Cagney and Lacey...my least favorite of Start's lineup.
SusanAnderkin 4 months ago
Currently started watching Dr. Quinn on Start TV and love the show however I miss it during the week because I have to leave for work at 4AM.

JessaHaack 5 months ago
Bring back dr Quinn and I thought gag me and lacy were done? Also too many csi los angels new shows please
KendraDunlap 5 months ago
They should really bring back the TV show but only if they have all the original castπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️😊😊😊😊😊
Teresa 5 months ago
Yes to Dr. Quinn revival. I love Dr. Quinn. I set my alarm clock to be up by 530
Teresa 5 months ago
Great to see some quality Christmas shows in the mix that have some substance. Most of the Christmas shows on now are sappy soapy romance novels. Not even related to christmas
Quinner 6 months ago
It would be wonderful if they could get Barbara Babcock back, if she's well enough. And Orson Bean deserves a last memory show, so one reunion isn't enough. And bring back Colleen One, Erika Flores!

I just hope it's not relegated to Netflix or some other streaming, so old fans like me see it. DQ was my show in college in the '90s.
DonnaDevenney1 6 months ago
Awesome! I love Dr Quinn, Medicine Women.
Vthomas 6 months ago
Absolutely, I would love to see the show continue. I still watch it and even bought the box set of all seasons.
JoannIozzoStella 6 months ago
Yes please continue the show. Love it and everyone in it.
BrightFeather2 6 months ago
It would be loved IF they continued where they left off - not jump to 20-30 years later - it would lose it's momentum if they did that. It would lose the touch of the town life the way it was and back then, things did not change so fast like that.
Dr Mike was aghast when her sister Marjorie came and visited as a suffrage activist so for Mike to turn into one is out of character for her. She did her changes as they came, not jump into an actual activist role. Her patients always came first.

I know when I saw the follow up movie it ruined the series for me - as Colleen ( who apparently left her husband since he was not with her or even mentioned) and Brian totally left their beloved home and town behind to move to big city Boston - that broke my heart and vowed I'd never watch that film again ! I hated it ! Never forget this series was about THE TOWN as well as the people in it and a woman doctor breaking the glass ceiling in medicine ON THE FRONTIER. WE became a part of that town as well.

I know the one scene in a Christmas episode where in a dream Dr Quinn goes to the past and then to the future where she's old with grandkids, etc and it looks like she too abandon the TOWN we all became a part of. She's in a huge fancy house all of a sudden it looks like. And then the unbelievable - they put grown up Brian into a Yankee army uniform - the very men they despised all through the series and made him one of them. Totally out of character for Brian. He would never be one of them or move to the big city, when he had a when growing town to keep the Gazette going with Dorothy and eventually run it himself when she'd retire - if she ever would - she has writing in her blood, and becoming his own man making a name for himself - THAT is Brian - not just a pebble in the large beach of sand in a big city - just one of the crowd on a big city paper he had no part in building.. That is not the Brian we saw grow up. He'd never abandon the town he loved or the life he loved.

I don't know if the certain writers they had never took a good look at what the series was really about and study the natures of the characters or what - but some writers are just so out of touch with the base of the series and characters.

The series should have never stopped at the 6th season - it needed to go on for at least two more seasons - they left so much up in the air. Robert E and Grace just pregnant after so long waiting, Colleen just married and going off to medical school. Brian loving his new career with Dorothy at the paper.
Dr Mike and Scully planning another baby - that we never know if they had one or not. Did the Reverend ever get his sight back since there was no reason for him losing it in the first place. So it could come back as fast as it left him. Jake Slicker just married, Hank the wild one, we miss them. The new citizen, Sheriff Daniel, formerly a drifter who has a home for the first time.

The loss in real life of Orson Bean a shock we all felt hard, will they let him die in the series since he was a main character, or replace his character to play Mr Bray ? I'm still in shock the horrible way he was killed. That character was a main stay. So was Dorothy, Cloud Dancing who we all love, and will she re-write her book on the Indians that she foolishly burned ? Will Cloud Dancing adn Dorothy get married ? Talk about breaking the glass ceiling in that town ! Now that Cloud Dancing is part of the town, Will Dr Mike continue to learn more Indian remedies - that we still use today by the way because they really work !.
So much left in the air.

And the network they did not look at that so many of us watch, they could easily get to have their continued series on = START TV. The original series plays on it every morning and I never miss it. They need to keep that series going as well - we love it so.
I have the DVD's and watch it daily as well.
But the new continued series could go on at night.

I don't think they realize the impact that series has had and still has.
START TV is about to also go on cable as well as antenna that we watch it on.
That network has really grown fast !
They need to give it a try.
To see that town so empty with everyone gone is heart breaking. WE loved that town - it made us a part of it. WE only get a glance when someone films it on their phone and puts it up on You Tube. And they covered over the stone Clinic with white siding and it looks awful - made it lose its character. WE loved that stone.
Curious how they laid that train track and then just pulled it up so easily.

This was a series that had real meaning. Would be good to see Scully and Dr Mike and their good fiends Cloud Dancing and Dorothy back together again facing he unknown and riding horses again. How did Joe Lando learn to ride so well bareback.!? The way he'd just flip himself up on the back of a high horse and land so perfectly. Any time I ever tried it when i was young i'd always slip one way or the other. Never could stay on. And I never could jump up on the horse's back - I had to climb on something to get there.

Would love to see Jane back on a good MEANINGFUL series again. This "movie" she just made is awful. so out of character for her. It's a comedy I think. Hard to tell it's so awful.
She wears a horrible blonde wig in it and that is not HER at all. She 's not good as a blonde. Makes her look so old when she really is still as young looking as she did 30 years ago ! That lady never ages - - unless she wears a blonde wig.

Carolyn BrightFeather2 5 months ago
Never liked this show. But Hallmark starts showing it again next week.
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