This is what would've happened if Alicia Florrick appeared in The Good Wife spin-off

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: February 12, 2019, 2:11PM

The Good Wife went out with a bang (and a slap), and its dark ending had critics reeling and fans gasping. The very next year, The Good Fight premiered, continuing the courtroom drama, but leaving behind Alicia Florrick, the star of the original series, to focus on Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski).

Since then, fans have wondered when to expect even an Alicia cameo on the spin-off, but those dreams have been dashed as the first season ended, then the second. Now the show is ready to debut its third season, and once more, speculation swirled whether Alicia would appear.

And for a brief moment, Julianna Margulies recently confirmed, that possibility was very, very real. She told Deadline that the series creators approached her with an idea and she said, “You know what? I would love to." It was on ... until it wasn't. Margulies continued, "But the deal didn’t happen."

Why not? every fan of The Good Wife must be wondering. Series co-creator Robert King explained, "We thought maybe about making a big episode where she would be at the resistance, Diane and her face each other. But that would be the end of the story. It felt like an asterisk.”

So basically, to keep the ending of The Good Wife intact and max-dramatic, the creators Robert and Michelle King nixed the deal to bring Florrick into The Good Fight, leaving the actress to feel at home on The Good Wife only. This echoes what the series creators said in a joint statement to Deadline: "We discussed with Julianna the idea of visiting, but we all agreed: No matter what we did, that would then become the true end to The Good Wife story, and that’s unfortunate."

Did they make the right call? Unfortunately it seems, you'll have to judge for yourself.

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cali 34 months ago
I miss Will, where is he, probably felt that his character was complete and nothing more to do !
mregan79 37 months ago
It sucks that The Good Wife was cancelled! It sucks even more that you do not put Alicia and her family into the next show with Diane! There are definitely a whole lot of different scenarios you can write her in with! She can be divorced and become Diane's new partner! She can become the next politician! Anything is better then nothing! I wish I knew about The Good Wife while it was airing live! I just found this show about a month ago and I am addicted to it! I wonder why it was cancelled?? I love this show and the writers were awesome! You should DEF try to bring The Good Wife back or at least add Alicia on Diane's new show! PLEASE??? :)
Peachqueen 38 months ago
One often wonders what ever became of Alicia and her family
SylviaGriffin 39 months ago
You all are asses because their is still a lot of ways to write her in (Alicia Florrick) and to keep the show and her going or to write her out of the office into politics
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