Shalini Patel inspires young girls to combat low self-esteem

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 17, 2019, 12:20PM

Shalini Patel began her teaching career as an elementary school teacher. Her passion for education led her to create a curriculum and program where young girls are offered the opportunity to learn through risk-taking, problem-solving and experimental learning that uses Science and Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. It's called Inspire Girls Academy, and it's dedicated to doing just that.

Patel told Start TV, "Girls and women typically are steered away from STEM-related fields, because they don't see themselves represented or there's not an example of what that could look like in the workplace. If you don't see yourself represented in these roles, it's really hard to believe that you can be in these roles."

Patel related a story where she and her sister compared notes on their self-image and discovered, "There is so much self-doubt." When she learned that self esteem peaks for girls at age 9, she knew she needed to work to change that.

Find out how Shalini Patel inspires young girls to build up their self-esteem:

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