As the pandemic swept the U.S., Kam-Mira Edwards' life was turned upside down. With degrees in both psychology and forensic biology, she decided to apply to graduate school for clinical mental health counseling. At the same time, she was working for a paint company to help support her family. She was taking care of two children from a marriage that ended during COVID, caring for a father suffering from several health problems, and coping with the death of her sister from a pulmonary embolism.

Kam-Mira knew she needed to find employment as she worked towards her master's degree; unable to find work in Virginia, she went to California, where she found a job at a COVID testing lab tech while also studying for her degree online. For now, her father and ex-husband are taking care of her boys. Kam-Mira says her graduate work in mental health helps her understand her own emotional struggles and she is finally getting the help she needs.

Watch Kam-Mira talk about how she just keeps on keeping on.

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