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These fictional Jessica Fletcher novels were a hit in Cabot Cove

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: April 8, 2024, 2:04PM    Tags: Murder, She Wrote, Jessica Fletcher, Cabot Cove, Angela Lansbury

Jessica Fletcher is the most famous fictional author in the world, not just in Cabot Cove. The mystery writer was often surprised by how many people loved her work or had read it somehow. The character's novels were mentioned throughout Murder, She Wrote's 12 seasons. They all involved murder, which Cabot Cove was too familiar with!

Fletcher's bodies of work were turned into fictional movies and plays in Cabot Cove. Here are a few!


The Corpse Danced At Midnight

This is Fletcher's first novel. It was turned into a movie (fictional) and later a play (also fictional) in Cabot Cove.


Dirge for a Dead Dachshund

Fletcher was just getting started, and murder mysteries were her calling (both in book format and Cabot Cove).


A Faded Rose Beside Her

When you think of the words "Faded Rose," it sounds like a dried one, right?


Murder on the Amazon

In Jessica Fletcher's written universe, murders happen everywhere, even on the Amazon.


The Umbrella Murders

Were they murdered with an umbrella? Or was the murder covered up? (since umbrellas cover you). Great wordplay by Fletcher, as always.


Murder at the Inn

Apparently, you're not even safe at an Inn during vacation!

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