6 classic actors who appeared in episodes of Murder, She Wrote

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: June 28, 2023, 9:05AM    Tags: Murder, She Wrote, Jessica Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote might be new to Start TV's lineup, but it's a classic hit show many viewers have known and loved for decades. With a series so popular, it's common to see well-known actors and actresses guest star in a few episodes, and this mystery show was no different. Here are six classic actors who were in the series. 


Margaret Avery

Known for: The Color Purple

Academy award-nominated actress and singer Margaret Avery can be seen on the episode "Jessica Behind Bars" as Dixie. Her appearance in Murder, She Wrote came the same year as her critically acclaimed performance in the film The Color Purple.

In the episode, Avery is one of the prisoners who hold Jessica Fletcher hostage, after someone is murdered at the jail and as a fight back against abuse. 


Eddie Albert

Known for: Green Acres and Roman Holiday

Before his one-off appearance on Murder, She Wrote, Eddie Albert built an impressive resume—starring on Green Acres and the classic film Roman Holiday. In the episode "The Body Politic," Albert is Jackson Lane, the older husband of Fletcher's friend. His wife(Kathleen Lane) is running for Senator and is accused of killing her campaign manager. 


Julie Adams

Known for: Creature From The Black Lagoon

Actress Julie Adams portrays Eve Simpson in ten episodes of Murder, She Wrote, including "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here," "Programmed for Murder," and "The Sins of Castle Cove." 

We know her as Kay Lawrence from the classic monster-horror film, Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).


John Amos

Known for: Good Times and Coming to America

In the '70s, John Amos was James Evans from the hit Norman Lear-produced series Good Times. After he departed from the series, Amos appeared on various shows, including an episode of Murder, She Wrote.

In the episode "Death Takes a Dive," Amos plays Doc Penrose. 


Diane Baker

Known for: Marine 

You can't watch classic television and films without seeing Diane Baker grace your screen. From starring in Alfred Hitchcock's Marine(1964) to Journey to the Center of the Earth(1959) alongside James Mason and appearing in three Murder, She Wrote episodes as different characters.


Max Baer Jr.

Known for: The Beverly Hillbillies

Have you ever heard of the name Jethro? He's one of the starring characters in the rural comedy The Beverly Hillbillies, played by Max Baer Jr. When the show was over, Baer Jr. only appeared in a few shows, and Murder, She Wrote was one of them!

He portrayed two characters in separate episodes: "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher" and "Jack and Bill."

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