4 things you didn't know about Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt has been on screen for most of her life. The show stuck with her; in an interview for Elle Magazine, she reflected that, "[Melinda Gordon] wasn’t just a person with a gift. The show was actually less about that. It was more that she truly felt for and cared about the people that she was helping.”

Hewitt approaches all of her projects with this same passion and curiosity. Her career has taken her all over the spectrum of entertainment, and this inquisitive nature has pushed her to try new things. If you thought she couldn't be any cooler, get ready to be surprised.

These are four things you didn't know about Jennifer Love Hewitt. 


She is a published author.

In 2010, Hewitt released a book titled The Day I Shot Cupid. Hewitt wrote the book with the intention of sharing romance advice from her point of view. As a self-declared "love-a-holic," Hewitt aims to share her stories and advice in the form of book small enought to fit into a purse. In the introduction, Hewitt writes, "Let's go out and find the love we always wanted but this time with our feet planeted on the ground, our inner sparkles as the arrows, and the belief that loves does happen for all of us."


Hewitt is a multi-album musician.

Hewitt is also a talented muscian! She recorded a total of four albums over the course of ten years: Love Songs (1992), Let's Go Bang (1995), Jennifer Love Hewitt (1996) and BareNaked (2002). She even co-wrote and sang the pop track for the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, "I'm Gonna Love You". She also applied her talents to playing the role of Madeline in the straight-to-DVD film.


She's a music video veteran.

Hewitt has been all over the entertainment industry, giving plenty of projects at least one try. With an open mind like that, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she's been in multiple videos aside from her own. If you watch "High" by Feeder (1997), "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" by Smash Mouth (1998) or "Girl on TV" by LFO (1999), you'll spot her easily. She even played the main love interest in the 2001 pop hit video for "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias.


She was named after a crush and a roommate!

There were two major contributors to Hewitt's full name. The first was her mother's college roommate; Hewitt's mother promised her old friend that should she ever have a daughter, she would give her the name "Love" in her honor. The second was her older brother, Todd. When asked what they should name his new little sister, Todd chose the name "Jennifer." He later revealed that this was because at the time, he had a crush on a girl named "Jennifer" at his school. 

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