One of Kathryn Hahn's scenes from Crossing Jordan inspired a hit show

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 18, 2023, 9:25AM

Comedian, writer, actor, Kathryn Hahn can be found all over television and film. While she was known for her work in theater when she first started out, her big breakout moment on camera was as Lily Lebowski on Crossing Jordan.

Series creator Tim Kring had already written and cast the show prior to meeting Kathryn Hahn at a theater festival in 2000. Impressed with her talent, Kring went ahead and wrote in a new character for her to play as in Crossing Jordan just months before they started filming.

While she was originally only planned to appear in the first season of the show, Kring loved working with Hahn well enough to have her stick around for all 7 seasons of the series. One scene of hers would even go on to inspire Krings’s follow-up project, Heroes.

“One of the original things that were a spark for that was, we had a character named Lily played by Kathryn Hahn. We had written a scene where she gets mugged by a guy, but he turns and does this crazy krav maga move. When I watched it in the video for the first time, that cool idea that this mousy intake girl at the crypt could really handle herself. I thought that’s a cool idea: What if super-ordinary people could do something really extraordinary," said Tim Kring on his inspiration for a new TV show.

Following Crossing Jordan’s series finale in 2007, Kring went to work on his new project that would eventually become his hit series Heroes. Kathryn Hahn herself would go on to star in countless other comedy TV shows and films. She would have her own encounter with heroes on the big screen, but as a supervillain, in both Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and WandaVision.

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