Marriage—it can be a beautiful topic to discuss. It's something viewers love seeing in productions (the happy wife and hard-working husband). There are a lot of great television shows, led by women characters, that are the hearts of their fictional families and perfectly display "the beauty of being a wife." You know, the fairytale images of society.

However, lead women characters don't always need to be married or in a relationship for the series to "depict an ideal life." Melina Kanakaredes was the star of Providence; she played Dr. Sydney Hansen, and although some fans would've loved to see the doctor as a wife, Kanakaredes said there was no rush.

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"Why won't Syd get married? For the same reasons Friends (the TV show) will never move out of their apartments," Kanakaredes said to The Providence Journal in 2002. "Certain venues shouldn't change. If Syd ever does get married, it should be the final episode of the final show of Providence." 

The actress also said that, as the lead, it's normal to become involved with the show as she was expected to direct some episodes of the then-upcoming season. "As the lead actor, you naturally get involved with a show...I love the opportunity to tell the story through the camera's eyes. There's no better place to start than on a show you know so well," Melina added.

As for the environment on set? She described it as warm and terrific.

"I'm working with great people. It's a warm, terrific environment on the set. I intend to do the best job I can as long as I'm here."

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