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Fans of her work know Mary McDonnell as the tough-as-nails head of LAPD’s Major Crimes division, Sharon Raydor. Much of McDonnell’s career has centered heavily around crime dramas including The Closer, Major Crimes, Fargo, and more.

But long before McDonnell took on such serious and award-winning roles, she starred in a short-lived comedy series High Society.

Airing in 1995, McDonnell co-starred with comedy and acting legend Jean Smart. The series followed two best friends, Dott Emerson (Mary McDonnell) and Ellie Walker (Jean Smart). Working together in the same publishing house, Dott managed the business while Val wrote the best-selling book for the publication.

The series followed the pair of friends all across New York City living their decadent, lavish, and campy lives.

Despite garnishing average ratings, the series was canceled after 13 episodes. McDonnell had a great time on the series and believes the show could’ve been a hit if it had been given more of a shot.

“I think that show, had it been given just a little bit more time, would’ve turned, broken through the glass, and stayed there for a while. And that’s too bad that it didn’t. But it was, honestly, one of my favorite little gigs,” said Mary McDonnell about her time on the comedy series.

Following the cancellation McDonnell would continue to focus on more serious roles, even starring in the hit disaster movie Independence Day a year later.

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