Find something you love as much as Brenda loves Ding Dongs on The Closer

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 27, 2019, 2:46PM

"It looks like love." That's the famous line that Brenda Leigh Johnson utters in both the first and last episodes of The Closer. But in terms of the character herself, apart from her romance with Fritz, that sentiment also extends to the star's snack food of choice throughout The Closer's run: the humble Ding Dong.

On The Closer, we see Brenda eating healthier snacks like rice cakes, raisins and bananas, and we even see her resist her sugar cravings when she refuses biscotti or other pastries passed around the department. However, whenever she gets stressed, you can bet she goes straight for the sugar, and you know exactly where she hides her stash. In her desk drawer, you’ll find Dots, Reese’s Pieces and, of course, Ding Dongs wrapped in tin foil.

Like her immaculate police work, her sweet tooth is the real deal. And while we've seen her scrape the last bit of hot fudge off a sundae dish and stick her sugar-fiending finger into a thick piece of chocolate cake, it's the Ding Dongs we see her return to again and again. Just see exhibits A-G for all the evidence you need to prove this is a significant TV snackaholic:

Exhibit A: The first Ding Dong is the sweetest?

Exhibit B: The Closer taught us we must always maintain eye contact with the Ding Dong at all times.

Exhibit C: When in a pinch, spreadable cheese will do the job.

Exhibit D: Cake is basically just a fancy Ding Dong, right?

Exhibit E: Don't worry, Brenda, the love of Ding Dongs is not a crime.

Exhibit F: Pro tip: Scraping a sundae bowl is also good for stress.

Exhibit G: But remember: there's always time for Ding Dongs.

So as you can see, The Closer gives us no choice but to conclude that snack cakes are a critical part of any investigation, and that's why if you're struggling to figure it all out in your own world, you might want to take a page from Brenda's book and find something you love as much as the detective loves Ding Dongs.

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tunathomas 6 months ago
I love the show, and love that she loves her Ding Dongs. But, why did her father once say she loves Ho Hos? Completely different snack.
Roxanne 19 months ago
Watching this show is just as addictive as Brenda Lee Johnson and her Hostess Ding Dongs! Love the Closer! 💜 Even had me try them, had never had them, now I am hooked! 😂
EdSullivan 20 months ago
This woman is a basket case. Never could be a cop, much less a Chief.
LAZAROLAROSA 44 months ago
Tabarak_Aljemelawy 44 months ago
I love watching this show because of Chief Johnson always loves to prove the guilty people wrong. Also, her team is always on their feet no matter what happens!!!!

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