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There's no age limit for being adventurous. Despite what society tries to force us to believe, having fun doesn't stop once your twenties and thirties are over. A lot of people have been vocal about how much their lives improved as they've grown and gained wisdom; Angela Lansbury is one of them.

The legendary actress is known for her versatile career, glowing on Broadway stages, stealing a movie scene, and developing the witty Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote. Through all of her accomplishments, age played a massive factor in how she portrayed each character...but not how you probably thought.

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For Jessica Fletcher, Lansbury wanted the character to be full of life. She embraced the character's age (plus her own) and showed that women can be a force in their 60s just as much as they could in their 20s. Fletcher was beautiful, intelligent, and not afraid to speak her mind. Most importantly, though, she was courageous and adventurous.

The fictional character was the perfect fit for Lansbury, who, other than not solving murder mysteries, was very similar to her Murder, She Wrote role.

In 2017, the actress was 91 and still working. She took on roles that would be a head-scratcher to many, but it was all a part of her adventure.

"I've made a point in my career of doing things that make some people say, 'Oh no, I definitely don't want to do that.' Because sometimes it just feels right, even if it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. We should never be afraid to be adventurous," she told woman&home in an interview.

The thrill of an adventure wasn't the only thing that brought the icon joy. She also loved spending time with her family.

"I've just become a great-grandma for the first time—it's my grandson Peter's first child—now that feels pretty wonderful. And, of course, I'm doing all the spoiling. If there's one thing I want more time for at this stage in my life, it's them." 

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