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Settle down, class. Today, we're entering lesson one of two. Dr. Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes have joined the Start TV lineup with their show Elementary, starting with a marathon on January 1-2. After that, the show will be on seven days a week at 12P | 11C and 1P | 12C. In this lesson, you'll learn about the characters and the actors who brought the role to life.

Dr. Joan Watson

Played by Lucy Liu, Dr. Joan Watson was a surgeon before she became a sober companion. Sherlock Holmes' father ultimately hired Watson after Holmes completed drug rehabilitation. Once her contract ended, she became his apprentice.

Traits: Brilliant, witty

What sets her apart from anyone else who solves crimes? Her medical background and empathy.

Any hobbies? Watson likes baseball, studies the mafia, and cares for her pet turtle, Clyde.

Fun fact: Actress Lucy Liu was cast to play Watson in February of 2012. She's an award-winning actress.

Sherlock Holmes

Played by Jonny Lee Miller, Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective for the NYPD's 11 Precinct and Scotland Yard. He was sent to boarding school at the age of eight, and, let's say, his life was far from ordinary.

Traits: Swift, also brilliant

What sets him apart from anyone else who solves crimes? His memory is incredible.

Any hobbies? Holmes is a beekeeper and plays the violin.

Fun fact: Actor Jonny Lee Miller initially turned down the opportunity to be Sherlock, but after closely reviewing the script, he accepted it.

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