In our first ever My Start Story podcast, we sit down with Epilepsy Advocate, Kelly Cervantes.

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 16, 2020, 11:35AM    Tags: podcast

Welcome to the My Start Story podcast!

You’ve seen our videos with words of wisdom and insight from our Start community. Now, take a deeper dive into their lives where we get to spend more time learning the revealing, challenging yet inspiring moments that made these incredible women who they are.

First up, Kelly Cervantes.

You might know Miguel Cervantes, the star of the recently closed Chicago production of Hamilton and soon to be star of the Broadway production of the smash hit. But we want you to meet his wife, Kelly Cervantes. She’s a force of nature and tireless advocate for a cure for epilepsy. The couple recently lost their young daughter Adelaide after an almost 4-year battle with the disease. Kelly’s journey of struggle, fight, loss, vulnerability, grace and acceptance will touch you, move you and ultimately awe you.

Listen to Kelly's story now:

And watch Kelly talk about her Start Story:

Stay tuned for monthly My Start Story podcasts, delving deeper into the extraordinary lives of amazing women.

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TenaciousTonya 13 months ago
Kelly, your story gave me more motivation to continue working on the Vision for millions around the globe diagnosed with Epilepsy. I saw your start story during a commercial on StartTV and my heart leapt! While building Epilepsy Compassion International Inc I had become overwhelmed and was losing desire, even though my story was like yours. I would very much enjoy sharing my story of Epilepsy and being the mother of an Epilepsy Patient with you when you are ready. How may I get this important story to you?
I've been watching StartTV over a year, knowing my time to share my Start Story is coming. Thank you for being a part of the spark that keeps the flame of passion for this cause lit for myself and so many others.

Tonya Heathco
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