Educator Gina Cook: From dropout to doctor

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: May 4, 2020, 1:09PM

Gina De Rosier Cook has embraced education ever since she took her first class at Prairie State Community College outside of Chicago.

Gina had to drop out of high school after giving birth to a special needs son at the age of 15. After having another child soon afterward, Gina was determined to provide for her family and earned her GED so she could get a better paying job. That also allowed Gina to continue her education and graduate from college.

She went on to work in the higher education industry and in 2018 earned her doctorate degree in education. She is now the Manager of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at her alma mater while also serving as the President of the Illinois Council for Continuing Education and Training.

In 2021, Gina landed a new job as Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Education at Elgin Community College, Elgin IL.

Watch Gina talk about how she strives to give back to her community. 

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