Covert Affairs

5 Times we've seen Christopher Gorham outside of Covert Affairs

See what other shows and movies Christopher Gorham has been on!

Are these the names of Murder, She Wrote one-off characters or Covert Affairs actors?

This quiz might be a little bit harder than you think!

Do you remember who Annie Walker dated?

Who said you can't have a love life and a career?

Piper Perabo was devoted to being ''in the moment'' when filming scenes

Whether she was Annie Walker or a different character, Perabo acted "in the moment."

Is this Lilly Rush or Annie Walker?

This quiz might be a little hard, so brace yourself!

Are these scenes from Covert Affairs or Unforgettable?

It might take a crime-drama expert to pass this quiz!

Here's how Kari Matchett felt about playing a ''cold boss'' on Covert Affairs

The actress said that sometimes being a strong woman boss is misinterpreted as something else.

Are these scenes from Covert Affairs or Medium?

Can you guess which show these scenes belong to?

Which Covert Affairs character appeared in more episodes?

Do you know which Covert Affairs characters appeared the most in the show?
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