This minor character on Medium was played by the series creator's wife

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 18, 2019, 2:25PM

By the time Glenn Gordon Caron created Medium, he already had a massively successful hit series under his belt in Moonlighting, that little mystery show that launched Bruce Willis' career (under the power of Cybill Shepherd's sheer magnetism).

His next series would be short-lived, the single-season Now and Then, about a man who dies and agrees to have his brain secretly implanted in a new identity. It was a show even quirkier in concept than his eventual second hit, Medium. Either way, Patricia Arquette agreed to star in his 2005 psychically charged drama, and Medium became an Emmy-winning series from the seasoned TV writer.

All seemed right in Caron's world, and then he wed his second wife Tina DiJoseph the year after Medium premiered. But even before that, the series creator began bringing DiJoseph, an actress herself, into his successful series, casting her in bit parts. Her first appearance came a year before the wedding, when she appeared in Medium's pilot as a Texas Ranger.

After the wedding, DiJoseph's part on Medium got even bigger. Instead of simply being referred to as the mayor's liaison, she became a named, recurring character Lynn DiNovi. At first, Lynn is strictly business, working for the mayor, but gradually, her character becomes the love interest and later wife of Detective Lee Scanlon. The couple even has a baby on the show, a girl who they name Leigh, after her father.

Apart from appearing as a receptionist in the 2009 movie Wake, DiJoseph's only acted on her husband's series, including 40 episodes of Medium and most recently a guest role on his new show Bull. It's just more proof that Medium didn't just put family first onscreen, but it was also a dependable motto when it came to casting the show.

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