Rizzoli & Isles gave a subtle nod to National Lampoon’s Animal House

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 20, 2021, 11:10AM

Bruce McGill has been working in Hollywood longer than most. Mostly focusing his career around guest roles in TV shows, you can find the Rizzoli and Isles star in so many hit shows including MacGyver, Quantum Leap, and much more.

One of his most notable recurring roles was as Detective Vince Korsak on Rizzoli & Isles. Appearing throughout the series, Korsak is a former partner and friend of Jane Rizzoli.

But before he busted Boston’s most wanted, McGill had one of his first breakout roles in the comedy classic Animal House. In his second film credit, McGill played the role of Delta House member ‘D-Day’ who was most noted for driving a motorcycle in the house and drumming the William Tell Overture on his windpipe

Many years and many roles later and McGill states that Animal House is still his most asked-about role. Not shying away from this, the creators of Rizzoli & Isles snuck in an Animal House reference for the long-time actor.

In the first season, Jane asks Korsak if he ever attended college to which he replies: “I didn’t. I just watched Animal House a few times.”

McGill was more than happy to make the tongue-in-cheek reference to his earlier role but on one condition.

“[Series creator] Janet did ask me if I had any problem with it. And I said, ‘absolutely not. If somebody’s gonna make an Animal House crack on this show, it better be me!’ Now, if you’d tried to give someone else that crack, that would’ve been bad," said Bruce McGill about the Animal House reference.

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Steve 28 days ago
It has been such a long time since I saw Animal House that I didn't even recognize the young Bruce McGill. I had to look twice to realize him after how much he aged and added on a few extra pounds since he played in Animal House. Frankly, I didn't even remember his character. I can only recall the late John Belushi, RIP.
Rodney 7 months ago
In Season 4, episode 2, in a reply to a snarky Rizzoli asking where he went to college, Korsak replies..."I didn't, but I did go to a lot of toga parties." Makes me wonder how many references there were throughout the series.
WendallWilson 10 months ago
Didn't think I would like it,but this old combat marine was wrong.It's not just a cop show,The Back and forth makes it great!People seem real because of the little everyday Humor!
Elizabeth 10 months ago
Absolutely love this show, ready to watch it now , the entire cast was Absolutely amazing !!!
ElizabethRupe 10 months ago
I love the show Rizzoli & Isles I can sit threw many reruns because I can and look for the hints to make you find the bad guy and Lorraine Bracco's a super mom you can tell that she love's her Jane.
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