This is what Patricia Arquette had to say when she was asked to lose weight on Medium

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 14, 2022, 3:58PM

Through its seven-season run, Medium attracted audiences with its compelling supernatural storytelling mixed with the realistic portrayal of a working-class mother. Patricia Arquette helped bring her role of Allison DuBois to life with her incredible performance and dedication to the series.

This commitment would eventually lead to her winning her first Emmy for outstanding lead actress in 2005 for her work on Medium. Right after winning her award, Arquette was given some criticism on how to portray her character by one of the showrunners of the series.

"I had an argument with one of the producers on Medium, who told me I should lose weight. I was like, ‘This lady is a mother, she’s married, she’s got three kids. No.'" said Arquette.

Arquette has been a lifelong feminist advocate and was determined to approach playing DuBois in a realistic manner.

Prior to working on Medium, she had made a name for herself on the big screen with such films as Stigmata and True Romance. In the early 2000s, moving from film to television was seen as a step back in your career in Hollywood. Despite this, Arquette took the jump to take her A-list movie talents to entertain thousands of people on a weekly basis.

"On True Romance, Tony Scott never made me feel like that. What are you saying? That every married woman has to look a certain way? [My character] has three kids. It’s about a marriage, not a modeling competition.’”

Hollywood has maintained tight control over how people look on both television and film throughout its history. Outspoken advocates against these norms like Arquette show a glimpse into a hopeful future of acceptance of all body types.

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Anne 1 month ago
One of my all-time favorite shows, because of it’s endearing cast, excellent acting, creative storytelling with so much depth, & comedic relief (usually from ‘Joe’ - what an incredible dad/husband role model).
I have no problem rewatching the whole season, which I rarely do with TV/movies, just because each character brings a unique persona and natural way with their character. Excellent writer’s, too.
1 month ago
This is my FAVORITE show right now. I really get angry when I have to miss an episode, I Like CSI: Cyber but not quite as much and I think these are the only shows I have seen with her in them.
Pat 1 month ago
I've been a fan since watching her in Nightmare On Elm Street 3 which I think was her first gig.
Robert 5 months ago
Allison DuBois Is every woman who finds herself successfully navigating work, marriage & parenting day-in and day-out with very little if any recovery time for herself, her spouse or her children. Allison looks and feels welcoming and huggable to everyone she comes across, almost too much so. Lose weight? Absolutely NOT!
Deanna 6 months ago
Good for you Patricia! I mean look at Rosie, one of her stand up she said "I mean who likes to hug a skinny mom?"
Lucretia 9 months ago
Wow that person needed to get another job!!! The part was played very well, I Love the way the whole family dynamic was portrayed throughout the seasons of Medium! Thank you for letting us into the life of The true medium family! Hurray for standing up for all of us moms who did not stay model slim after 3 children and many many meat loaf and mash potato dinners!! 😍🥰☺️
Betty 10 months ago
I don’t see her being over weight are weight at all
So the producer need glasses
Carol 10 months ago
Thank you for welcoming me!
Patti 10 months ago
I just love her! I love that she stands up to Hollywood and the body shaming, that compels our young women of today to focus only on appearance leading them to insecurities that will prohibit them from accepting who they are and how beautiful they truly are! Patricia is my hero!
Steve 11 months ago
I was happy to read her comment. She said what was on her mind and being outspoken about her weight control was the right thing to and to not let an idiot Hollywood producer run her life. Lucky for her being a talented actress, she got away with it.
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