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These '70s hair product ads make us want to buy a time machine

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: October 23, 2023, 4:08PM    Tags: hair ads, nostalgia, 1970s

Back in the day, many commercials and print ads were straightforward. A few caused controversies, but it usually didn't involve promotion for things like hair products. In the '70s, the hair industry was booming, which meant the demand for advertising (or getting more eyes on these products) was high. That's where print ads in magazines and newspapers come in. Other than commercials, these were where women spotted a new product, which ultimately made them want to take a trip to the store to purchase it.

Sometimes, taking a trip down memory lane is needed, and since we can't buy a time machine, let's look at these '70s hair product ads. Did you purchase any of these?


Wella Balsam Instant Conditioner and Conditioning Shampoo

Instant Shampoo and Conditioner were a major thing back in the '70s. This advertisement by Wella Balsam calls itself the original balsam conditioner and even takes a jab at its competitors.

A line in the middle paragraph says, "Our imitators tried to fool you by copying our bottle and our name, but they couldn't copy Wella Balsam's performance. So, they can't fool the millions of American women who choose Wella Balsam over all other hair conditioners."


Soft Sheen's Miss Cool 5-Minute Fast Set

If you saw the words, "Great curls in five minutes—lasts all day," would you buy the associated product? We would! 

This advertisement is for Soft Sheen's Miss Cool 5-Minute Fast Set and Fast Set for Dry. 

Check out this convincing line in the advertisement: "That means, no matter how humid the weather may get, your great smooth curls will never frizz or fall out—they just keep getting better."


Psssssst Instant Shampoo

Pssst, the product is calling you...literally!

Yes, the actual name of this company is Psssssst. Do you remember it? In their words, "Now you can have clean hair every day of your life, and you'll brush out the dirt and oils that collect from day to day."

A quick and easy way to get clean hair? It doesn't sound bad.


L'OREAL Radiance Shampoo-in Hair Color

Imagine being in the '70s and finding out that you can shampoo your hair and change its color at the same time. That sounds magical, and L'OREAL was one of the first to ensure they had a product that served as a 2-in-1. 


Clairol's Kindness Heat-Activated Conditioner

"A canful of curls" isn't the best way to get someone to buy a product but saying "this is a revolution" could get someone to consider opening their wallet.

Clairol's Kindness Heat-Activated Conditioner claims to create beautiful curls (in combination with your curling iron) in minutes, lasting for days. 


Dark 'N Lovely Permanent Shampoo-in Hair Color

If you were tired of your natural hair color in the '70s, there were ways to hide it, even permanently. This Dark 'N Lovely permanent shampoo-in hair dye aims to condition your hair while giving you a vibrant new color.

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