There Was a ‘Party of Five’ Reunion on ‘Ghost Whisperer’

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 9, 2020, 2:37PM

Party of Five was a drama series that tells the story of 5 siblings whose lives were changed forever when their parents died in a car crash. The oldest son of the family was made head guardian of all his siblings, having to often sacrifice personal gain to make ends meet for his family.

Airing for 6 seasons during the mid ninties, Party of Five was an award winning drama that was also the breakout role for Ghost Whisperer star, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Cast in the role Sarah Reeves, Hewitt was initially only meant to be in the first 9 episodes of the second season as the on-again off-again girlfriend for one of the main cast. However, the producers loved her and her character so much that they kept her on as a series regular for the rest of the series. After the show ended, Hewitt would also go on to star in a short lived spin-off series, Time of Your Life, where Sarah moved to New York to find her biological parents. 

More than 10 years following the premiere of the series, Jennifer Love Hewitt reunites with her former Party of Five castmate, Lacey Chabert, in the second episode of season 2, "Love Still Won't Die." In the former series both Lacey and Jennifer’s characters were friends, but now in their reunion Chabert stars as “Donna Ellis,” the wife of Melinda’s now-dead college boyfriend.

During the scene when Melinda and Donna first meet in the episode they both pause and share a moment of reflection with one another, as if they had met before despite this being the first time they had ever seen each other. 

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I love Jennifer Love Hewitt in this. She grew her acting skills so much for this show. Great work!
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Lanzas 17 months ago
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