Lily Lebowski was written in Crossing Jordan to add Kathryn Hahn

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: July 16, 2021, 2:43PM

Actress and comedian Kathryn Hahn has always wanted to perform since an early age. She got her start as a child star on the televised puppet show, Hickory Hideout.

Rather than going straight to Hollywood following her time on the children's series, Hahn decided to continue her education to study theater. Her studies would take her to Northwestern University where she received a B.A. in theater and then Yale's school of drama.

Hahn focused primarily on performing and directing on stage during her years in college. Her work in theater would lead her to attend the Williamstown Theater Festival, which was also attended by Crossing Jordan series creator Tim Kring.

An NBC casting director that knew Hahn and Kring made introductions between the two during the festival. Impressed by their meeting, Kring wanted to immediately add her to the Crossing Jordan cast.

“NBC and Tim Kring took a huge leap of faith in casting me. To be worked into a show that was in production and on the schedule is an amazing stroke of luck," said Kathryn Hahn on Tim Kring writing her into Crossing Jordan.

Already setting up the pilot for the series, Tim Kring would rework the script to add in grief counselor Lily Lebowski for Crossing Jordan. Originally meant to only be in the first season, Hahn would go on to star in all 7 seasons of the series.

Being her first major TV role, Lily Lebowski would turn out to be Hahn’s big break as she soon came across numerous offers for TV and movie guest parts. Between seasons of Crossing Jordan, Hahn would appear in classic 2000s comedies including, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!.

This early 2000s period is often referred to by Hahn as her ‘best friend period,’ because most of her characters had her be the supportive friend to the lead. In the 2010s Hahn finally found herself at the center of the laughs with the Bad Moms movie series and the Mrs. Fletcher mini-series.

Now nominated for 2 Emmys, Kathryn Hahn’s career continues to be recognized in Hollywood.

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